Power may be supplied from the widest possible range of sources. If our system is supplied directly from the overhead lines, a pole-mounted disconnector and a short-circuiter ensure safety disconnection to VDE standards. Whenever the heating plug is not required, it can be kept out of harm’s way in our dummy socket. The monitoring contact incorporated in the dummy socket is used to provide a visual warning of system malfunction. An optional second monitoring contact may ensure, for example, that the train does not receive a starting signal if the heating plug has not been stowed away in the dummy socket (accident prevention).

Optimized-Consumption Power Management

Our power-management systems for parked rail coaches are well-conceived systems for supplying parked passenger rail coaches or trainsets with power under time control and as a function of outside temperature, i.e., so as to heat them in winter and cool them in summer.

Well thought out, down to the last detail

This decentralized control strategy makes things simpler for your staff because it is intuitive to operate while providing extremely high system availability. Should the computer in a control column nevertheless fail completely, it is still possible to switch the associated heating contactor on and off manually. No wonder, then, that our sophisticated control strategy, with its fall-back option, should be becoming increasingly popular with Europe’s railways