Idling Stop Technology

AST's Idling Stop Technology has proved to reduce engine idling to an minimum needed in over 4.000 installations the last 20 years.

High power prime mover such as diesel locomotives being not in operation are kept idling if the daily mean is below 45°F (7°C) or there is the risk for temperatures below freezing. Typically antifreeze is not for use in the coolant. Frequent starts or start/stop cycling at coolant temperatures below 105°F (40°C) would result in excessive engine and battery component wear. In addition there would be a loss of operational time to achieve the correct minimal temperature for full horsepower performing cold starts.

The locomotive idle fuel consumption is 3.0 (SW1000) to 5.5 (SD40-2) US gal per hour. At freezing cold the engines are kept in notch positions or ramp up automatically in order to maintain a minimum coolant temperature. For that matter the fuel consumption rises up to 30 gal/h. With an average 85 % idling duty cycle a single yard locomotive burns up to 20,000 US gal per year.

ASTop Idle allows to stop idling and to keep the engine shut down year-round protecting the engine automatically by heating the coolant in the engine. Whereas engine idling consumes 3.0 - 30.0 US gal/h the fuel operated heating system ASTop Idle only consumes 0.1 - 1.3 US gal/h (avg. 0.3 gal/h).
Using ASTop Idle saves up to 15,000 US gal diesel per year and prime mover.

System key data for ASTop Idle K35-50*

Heat output 170,000 BTU (50 kW) at > 91% efficiency
Fuel consumption 0.13 to 1.32 US gal/h (avg. 0.3 US gal/h)
Physical dimensions / weight LxWxH 30x20x30 in
/ 180 lbs
Ambient temperature range -40 °C (-40°F) to +50°C (+122°F)
Control system / voltage indepedent control system (24V/64V/110V) with AESS interface

*different model available

Combined with AESS (auto engine start/stop):

The ASTop Idle System extends AESS (auto engine start/stop) shutdowns up to 72 hours and allows to activate AESS also at cold tempertaures otherwise being effective for 6-8 months of the year only.

To inhibit unneeded AESS engine starts for low main reservoir pressure AST has designed a handbrake sensing unit - ABrake Sense - that measures the correct parking brake applied force at the brake cylinder lever. Using ABrake Sense on parked locomotives with leaking main reservoir saves up to 12 unneeded engine starts per day and/or avoids AESS lockouts resulting in engine idling 24/7.


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Stop wasting your fuel. Let us show how you can achieve your goal of reducing GHG, noise and maintenance all year round with our EPA SmartWay verified Idling Stop Technology.