Geometrical measurement with CBM

Measurement Software for Railcar Quality Control

The reliable determination and storage of geometric data is the foundation of any good quality control. For this reason, the CBM 305 application was developed, which manages and monitors the entire measuring process. The system is able to carry out automated quality controls in the fields of railway vehicle construction and repair with minimal instruments. In doing so, the corner force measurements (e.g. EKM 305) are linked with the geometry calculations (usually tachymeters or laser trackers) in order to guarantee a continuous flow of data. This allows for plausibility checks (target-performance comparison) throughout the entire measurement procedure, thereby ensuring maximum accuracy.

Time-consuming, repeated measurements are a thing of the past. Both the CBM database as well as a integrated export option to other file formats can be used to view, analyze and archive measurement data. Data can be used independently of the measuring room or the location of the measurement computer. Consequently, corresponding data sheets can be generated automatically, providing seamless information about the lifecycle quality of the candidate. For maximum flexibility, the configuration of the measurement is carried out in the application itself. This way, the software can be adapted to the local conditions and the specific type of wagon. The following settings, among others, are possible:

  • Free configuration of the measurement procedure
  • Free configuration of the railcar body data (measurement data, dimensions, etc.)
  • Free configuration of the measurement report and data visualization
  • Administrative level to user management (assignment of rights)
  • Direct control of various instruments (tachymeter, laser tracker)
  • Control of further instruments via SpatialAnalyzer interface (NewRiverKinematics) possibley
  • Automated leveling of the railcar body (communication with EKM)
Customized Measurement Software

Only in very few cases is it possible to rely on standard software solutions for high-tech applications in the industrial surveying sector. This is the reason why we develop special software to manage geodetical instruments and evaluate measurement data. The software can thereby be customized to meet your specific needs and offers the possibility of analyzing other sensors (e.g. force sensors) in addition to basic geometry determination measurement technology. The creation of measurement plans for use with the metrology-software SpatialAnalyzer (NewRiverKinematics) or the integration of the SpatialAnalyzer interface into your own software is also part of the service we offer.

Industrial Surveying Services

In addition to developing specialized software for use in the field of industrial surveying, our service also includes everything concerning data acquisition and analysis of all building components/ geometrics. For this we use various tachymeters and laser trackers, which are calibrated to the respective accuracy requirements. We use our own CBM 305 software to collect and analyze data for the measurement of railway vehicles. The SpatialAnalyzer (NewRiverKinematics) is also used as metrology software depending on the particular application. This makes it possible for us to automate your measurement procedure through the creation of customized measurement plans.

Examples of services in field of industrial surveying we offer are:

  • Geometrical measurement of rolling stocks according DIN25043 standard
  • Documentation (comparisons of nominal/actual) of medium- and large-volume freeform surfaces and components (such as based on CAD data)
  • Installations, precise positioning and adjustments in field of industrial plant and machinery construction
Adapter Production

We produce adapters particularly for use in the measurement of railway vehicles. Our production is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, thereby fulfilling the highest precision requirements. After the accurate production, the specialized adapters are calibrated by extremely precise scanning systems.

We will be happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact us for further information.